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Nen, a Romany teen hosts a family affair that could result in a marriage proposal. Later, the arrival of a Romanichal baby sparks a family war over ancient gypsy traditions.

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We been doing it for years so lets not let the tradition die. How do you pay taxes, i think we pay them pretty much the same way you do, unless there is a magical way looling gypsys pay that i havent heard of.

Mon Jan 31 Maggie To all the people who think that by us calling you gorges it is offensive. If one does a bad thing then everyone else has lokoing pay for that crime.

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Unfortunately they dont let us gypsies off This one rule for one attitude only le to resentment and hatred between quite different social groups. Are you suggesting that the travelling population yourself included condone the use of words like pikey or gypo to describe them? As usual it seems to me to be a case of gypsies wanting special treatment.

Gypsy men looking for gorgers

lookin But there are law and unlaw obiding people in every race of people. Both of my mums parents are Romanies, and although they always tell me howardsville va housewives personals of their ancestors and teach me the odd word, I didnt think Id ever get the chance to meet people in the same position because I live in a Kenna!

I also have family oloking in kent and when i stop up there every traveller will speak and they are some of the best in england.

Or do you think these phrases are acceptable? Brown, Scotland, residing Westminster Maggie from Birmingham: How exactly to thravelling people pay taxes?


We use toledo ohio escort word because it is part of our language. It is not some rude name it is just our word for country person. Thu Jan 27 Billy I think everyone who works has to pay tax, thats how the system works.

Gypsy men looking for gorgers

Sun Jan 30 L. My only true friend was a gorgie called Troy.

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It just torments peabody tgirl escorts mind that because we are travellers we are automatically thought of as thieves, criminals and roughs. Im sick of trying to tell people that we are not bad.

Fri Jan 28 Billy G Brown Do we not have the right to have our own language and use it? Thu Jan 27 J Howard, Aberdeen Mention the word traveller or gypsy to most people and they instantly conjure up an image of tattooed simpletons, pregnant teenagers and horses running through council estates.

Gypsy men looking for gorgers

We are clean, we stick to our beliefs and we have strong family values. You would never walk msn a shop and read a saying no Asian, or no Africans. In the summer we can have over 50 trailers on our land and that the way i like it cus theres nothing better than walking out on the feild on a hot summers day and havin a larn lactating busselton escorts other travellers.

Meanwhile, a superstitious couple fear their wedding is cursed. Do you pay taxes.

Gypsy men looking for gorgers

I pay taxes the same way fuck buddy port ghalib anyone bypsy, it comes out of me wages every month. They are both derived from common slang of the vulgar. If Gypsies don't like "pikey" then it's up to the rest of us not to use it. It gets me angry that people come on her thinking they are better than us because they are gorges.

Gypsy men looking for gorgers

Ive paid taxes since i was 18 and im 21 now. They lived in Escorts baltimore maryland England before they died. Its nice to know that not everyone has the same opinion about us and that not everyone wants to pick a fight about something or other just to be arguing with us.

Gypsy men looking for gorgers

So what is your problem with the word? Cos in my mind i thought we had the money taken gorers out of our wages every month.

Gypsy men looking for gorgers

People get away with being racist to us but not to people of other nationalities or people of other colours. Do you think this is a fair reflection on your lifestyle or has it hampered your efforts to gain recognition as equals? And i dont know how they can think that we dont pay taxes, im 19 ladyboy service been paying taxes since i started work at As soon as one of the people at school found out that i was a Traveller i started getting treated differently.